4 Tasks That Can Be Automated In Order To Enhance Your E-Commerce Business

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Time is as precious as your money if you’re running an e-commerce store regardless of the type. Fortunately, no matter how busy business owners can be, there are certain tasks that can be automated to save time and provide a more efficient business operation. One of the techniques for automating tasks is to determine those that require less creativity and needs a little variance. Once you have identified certain tasks per those two attributes, you can now prioritize and select the tasks that take up most of you and your team’s time. As an e-commerce business owner, if you’re looking into automating tasks within your operations, here are four that you can easily start with.

  1. Follow up on shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is probably one of the biggest challenges that the e-commerce space has. In fact, it has been revealed that over trillion dollar worth of items is abandoned in carts each year. One of the best remedies to this problem is to send automated emails to customers who are seen abandoning their carts. Sure, not every customer who has received a reminder email will automatically convert, but this method still has the potential to bring in more sales from people who initially placed an order and just needed an extra push.

  1. Use inventory management software

Big or small inventory, automating this portion of your business operations can give you a couple of extra hours and temporary relief from headaches that come with this task. If you are one of those businesses that do not monitor its inventory, then you could lose customers out of frustrations of placing orders for items that turned out to be out of stock. There are plentiful software that allows you to keep track of your inventory and even set up notifications for when your stock is empty or running low. Having this kind of convenience lets you update your e-commerce site accordingly to prevent customers ordering something that you cannot live up to.

  1. Streamline accounting and bookkeeping processes

Business owners and entrepreneurs usually have the knack for creating innovative products and services for their customers. One thing they do not look forward to doing is the constant manual update of accounting ledgers and the long hours spent on bookkeeping. With the kind of technology we have today, you can actually simplify these processes by finding the right software. When it comes to bookkeeping, the main features to look for in a software is consistency, precision, and easiness. You can use programs that can be synced with your online store so that you don’t have to go in by hand to every sales, order, purchase, and expense just to stay on track. Before you are bombarded with stacks of receipts, invoices, and other documents, it’s better to get this settled.

  1. Follow up on purchases with customers

This task is probably one of the few customer service works that function well when automated. That is because all customers have to do is to answer a few questions. There is no need for you to put much effort into being too creative or personal. For instance, you can just go and automate a question, “Are you satisfied with your order?.” Whatever data you can gather from these follow-ups are all useful and it is a great opportunity to pitch in some recommendations for related or similar products.

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4 Smart Ways To Promote A More Prolific Relationship Between Your Marketing And HR Team

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While marketing and HR teams can coexist in the same working environment without many conflicts, there never had a moment where these two had a collaborative and prolific relationship. Probably because marketing is focused on getting the company in the front line amongst its competitors, whereas HR is centered on hiring talents, managing employees, stimulating working engagement, and more. In truth, there is no need for these two different teams to collaborate, however, with how things turned out today; it could change the direction of air. By that, we mean with the new and latest trends and technological advancement, it is becoming important for marketing and HR teams to align with each other to help a business gain a competitive edge. Here are some great ways to make this productive collaboration happen.

  1. Alliance of your company’s brand

At first glance, anyone would think that a company’s branding and visibility is solely managed by its marketing time. While this is true, HR, too, does the same thing, albeit, internally through the company’s culture and employees. As a matter of fact, your company’s culture and your company’s brand are basically just on the same boat. As a result, your marketing and HR team should work together in coming up with the message to be shared with your audience, as it should coincide with your company’s culture and employees.

  1. Workforce recruitment via marketing

Your marketing team is tasked to develop a strategy that will win a business pitch the same way as your recruitment team does during your company’s talent acquisition. For instance, LinkedIn, a digital platform is an ideal marketing channel for hiring new people. It allows you to better understand your applicants and narrow down your search to come up with a shortlist of candidates that meet your requirements. Your website is also a great channel to draw in the right candidates, which is handled by your marketing team. Besides, attracting the right candidate ultimately leads to attracting a potential customer or client.

  1. Internal communication

One of the main roles of your HR team is to promote employee engagement in order to keep the workers updated about the company matters and let them feel like they belong. In today’s time, HR teams have so much on their plate that sometimes it becomes hard for them to manage everything, particularly with all the communication they have to facilitate. This is the time where it is convenient and productive for marketing to team up with them as their main job is to deliver key messages to your stakeholders, and internal communication can also be included on it.

  1. Brand ambassadors

Employees are probably a company’s biggest brand ambassadors. Their social media networks alone can already make a huge difference in boosting your brand. Work with your HR team to encourage your internal brand ambassadors to advocate your brand because employee advocacy has high potential in increasing web traffic and leads. This collaboration does not only help market your brand but also generate a large employee engagement.

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Reasons Why Your Digital Ad Campaigns Are Not Generating Good Results

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What happens when you’re already using social media platforms and paid ads across several of them but your ads are not exactly getting you the results you desired? Perhaps you’re getting decent results but you’d like a bit more. Your ads could not be the problem. It could be your strategies for multiple advertising platforms that are creating havoc. Or, vice versa.

No matter how much experience you’ve had, novice or seasoned marketer can make similar mistakes in the digital space. To avoid them (or at least a few of them), here are four things that you have to watch out for during the course of your online ad campaigns.

  1. Using the wrong platform

Do not just base your platform preference on what most of your audience use. Rather, you also have to consider what is best for your brand and product or services. Only choose and use the ones that are most sensible for what you are offering. For instance, if your product can solve the pain points of people who are looking for solutions to, then it is ideal to use a search platform like Google Ads. You can also use Bing as it has been growing steadily for years now.

On the other hand, if your products are best showcased through demonstrations or if your services have something valuable to teach to your audience, then those are good reasons to create a video promotion on YouTube and other popular video streaming websites. Then there’s also paid ads on Facebook and Instagram for other products that are not many people search for and those that do not lend itself to video.

  1. Having ads that drive traffic to your competitor’s platform

Okay, so the scenario is you have posted a product video in your YouTube account. Now you want to have many people see it so you purchase a couple of ad space on Facebook. At first glance, you’d think it’s an excellent idea, however, when you think about it, it’s could completely throw you off your game. According to studies, ads that try to send users to a competing platform are more liable to poor performance.

  1. Targeting audience using several specifics

While it is entirely possible to be very general when targeting your audience like using a too general search term such as “bed frame”, this won’t do any good for your website. Having a too general search term will most likely cause your ads to be completely inconspicuous since large companies with more advanced marketing strategies will simply outbid you. If you are using search platforms like Google, look for a collection of search terms that amount to a minimum of few millions of searches per month.

  1. Using the same ad for a long time

Many small businesses create an add then run it for quite some time. When they are satisfied with the results, they usually do not log in again for the next month or so. However, all platforms perform best when you monitor or tweak them at least weekly. That is when you can see if your ad starts losing its value.

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Popular and Not-So-Popular Myths About Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is basically built on three components; metrics, analytics, and ROI. But what happens now if the reports that you are basing on for your marketing decisions are no longer effective and binding? While new technologies indeed move at a faster speed when it comes to evolution, the way technology is used also moves fast. Today, the things we considered were common knowledge can possibly become irrelevant tomorrow. To clear some of the misunderstandings, here are five digital marketing myths that you may or may not know already.

  • High bounce rate calls for an emergency solution

Some people don’t really consider this as a myth, however, this matter is best clarified than leave it to confuse people than they already are. Before—and even now for some—people tend to panic when they see that their overall bounce rate has increased. In truth, bounce rate has to be looked at on a page-by-page perspective. If you are seeing your bounce rate from Google Analytics report, then you have to remember that this result is taken in consideration of all of your website’s web pages. This includes your blog posts and landing pages and knowing this, it is entirely normal to have almost 100% bounce rate on landing pages and blog posts. Thus, you don’t have to freak out at all, especially if your website accommodates a large number of blog posts and landing pages.

  • High traffic solves all other problems

It goes without saying that traffic is important. However, there are all kinds of traffic and not all are the good kind. Bad traffic could come in various forms. For starters, it could be traffic from a location that you do not service. So, if you’re a local business and do not sell internationally, getting traffic from other countries won’t help you sell more. Another bad traffic is the bot traffic in general. Of course, you need search engine bots to assess the relevance of your website. Yet, there are plenty of bots that are not from search engines and are still considered as traffic. Having this kind of traffic only twists your actual view on what is really happening on your site.

  • CTR is extremely valuable

Click-through rates or CTR have been positively associated with the success of campaigns and email message. What most people do not know is that CTR is not what it seems to be. It simply shows you the number of people that used a link to visit your site. It does not, in any means, indicate conversions or business impact. Having said that, CTR is imperative when you are using analytics to determine your marketing attribution. Apart from that, CTR on its own is not a metric that offers value and insights.

  • Email marketing is a waste of time and effort

Contrary to popular beliefs, email marketing is quite a marketing weapon when planned and implemented properly. It could immensely improve the growth of your business if you give it a chance. Sure, email marketing can be a pain and even you could go as far as say, it does not work. However, that does not mean that email marketing, in general, does not work. You just have to do it the right way. For starters, you have to let people opt-in to your email list and don’t send to people from a purchased list. Second, do not over send. You have to ensure that the frequency you are sending at is suitable for what your audience wants. Finally, only send information that is relevant to the recipients.  This may prove to be harder while you are still creating your email lists, but ultimately, this will bring you huge dividends.

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Online Marketing Mistakes That You Should Be Careful Of Making

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A great online marketing strategy is only considered as such when you have taken full advantage of all its benefits. You won’t be able to do that if you make critical marketing mistakes that will put a damper on your digital marketing strategy. For instance, a slow loading web page will make you lose brownie points no matter how good your keyword optimization is. Which is why it is important to learn about the possible online marketing mistakes you could come across during the existence of your small business.

  1. You have not established a clearly defined target audience.

Marketing your business to every consumer using one strategy won’t optimize your online marketing success. Sure, this could drive traffic to your website, however, sooner or later, you are bound to found out that most of your site visitors are not converting into paying customers. In order for you to maximize the benefits of your digital marketing strategy, it has to be directed to a specific target audience. The smaller your target audience is, the bigger the chance of your marketing campaign successfully getting across them.

  1. Your company website takes too long to load.

A website that takes more than three seconds to load, then you run the risk of getting low rankings with Google because page loading is one of the most critical metrics for ranking a webpage. If your website is having the same problem, then you may as well try on tools about loading speed optimization. PageSpeed Insights, for one, is a tool made by Google that allows you to measure the loading time of your page and in turn, provides suggestions to enhance it. Also, the website host should also be considered when it comes to the loading speed because only the best service providers that screen its customers can offer good loading speeds.

  1. You do not put much attention to your marketing costs.

Don’t be too focused on your marketing campaign that you forget to consider your marketing expenses. It is important for your small business to be realistic about your marketing expenses together with its potential efficiency. Leverage on the various online marketing tools and services. However, make sure that you are still within your budget because not all can be used for free. Know which expenses to prioritize and at the same time, keep a close watch on the performance of your marketing campaign. The data and stats will help you adjust your campaign to what is best for your small business. Having said that, don’t just be satisfied with only this strategy. Instead, expand on other marketing methods such as giving loyalty awards or conducting store events.

  1. You do not converse enough with your customers.

Perhaps one of the primary mistakes made by many businesses is their lack of communication with their customers. The Internet is as free as air so why waste the opportunity to be freely connected with our customer. Of course, your SEO efforts, blog and guest posts, and paid ads are all great ways to entice customers. However, your engagement with them after publicizing your business is what’s even more important for your success. Customer communication may be in form of comments and/or replies on your blog posts and social media profiles. So long as you keep on conversing with them, then you’re all set. Also, make sure that you respond as quickly as possible to any customer complaints and concerns whether they are from social media or review sites.

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Online Marketing Components That Are Greatly Affected By Business Reviews

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Business reviews play an important role in defining the success or failure of a business. A positive business review can enhance one’s online marketing efforts while a negative business review can cause serious problems in the marketing outputs. Most people read online reviews before deciding on which product or service to purchase. Therefore, the more good reviews your business has. the more chances you have of earning more customers. It does not only boost the credibility of a business but it also opens up an opportunity to optimize their online marketing strategy and yield to more profits. Below are four online marketing components that are hugely impacted by business reviews.

  1. Brand building and reputation

It goes without saying that a business is only considered to be growing if it has completely met the requirements of their clients and employees. You do not need to have those fancy logos and flowery business quotation to earn a good brand reputation. A brand name develops on its own when customers give good reviews and ratings to your products or services. A business that has a list of positive reviews vetting for the quality of the business fares better in the reliability department than a business without customer testimonials, ratings or reviews.

Sure, brand building takes time to establish a strong and reliable relationship with the customers, but it should not take years for you to build a promising business and generate positive reviews. Ultimately, these good reviews are like boosters for your strategic approach to getting your brand recognized.

  1. Business sales growth

A business that has a strong marketing presence coupled with plenty of positive customer reviews is surely one that will generate more business sales. Positive reviews lead to growth in your customers just by drawing a conclusion about your brand’s quality through those online business reviews. Furthermore, it helps bring more recommendations from current customers, hence, eventually, enhancing your service and increasing your business profitability.

  1. A single bad review creates a room for doubt(s)

When you find a product that suits your preference, budget, and needs, it’s like an instinct to scroll down and look for its product rating. For most consumers, a customer rating or review speaks volumes on the quality of the product and just a single negative review can already make you doubt your choice and cause you to hesitate on buying it. So for customers, be careful of the all those crafty descriptions from websites because some are just there to enhance their marketing, even if it is a complete lie.

  1. Higher on-site and off-site rankings

A positive review can boost the relevance of your product in search results and boosts the chances of your product getting to top results. Just about any good review has a great contribution to building a solid online foundation for your business. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your online visibility gets, thus, generating more sales in return. You can also leverage on reputable business review websites like Yelp or BBB to help you gain a competitive edge to international customers. These sites will not only improve your online reputation but it will also encourage customers from other parts of the world to buy from you making your business a hit.

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4 Likely Reasons Your Digital Marketing Campaign Is NOT Working

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No budget, low budget, or high budget, busy or not, it doesn’t matter because, in this digital world, it is imperative to connect to your customers online and show them that you care because that’s exactly the place where you can best target them. However, if there is one thing more important than implementing your digital marketing campaign, it is to check their performance. Well, it cannot be denied that this takes not just time, but also marketing experience, which obviously, not everyone has right now. This is especially true for small businesses that like to make a difference but only with a very limited budget for their campaigns. As a result, they end up doing it themselves since they tend to direct their sources to other aspects like labor, quality, and craft. Unfortunately, these admirable marketing efforts are often in vain as they are not the most favorable in this digital era. If your business is suffering the same, then here are a few things that may be the cause as to why your digital marketing campaign is failing.

  1. Content is lacking in many aspects

It has been mentioned more times than we can count that content is king. Several years ago, Google turned its back on poor quality contents in line with the website rankings. Thanks to that major shift, users can now easily access good quality sites with useful content. No matter how busy you are, you must always make it your goal to create a content that is most favorable and respectful to Google’s algorithm. Additionally, you must ensure that you are not stuffing your keywords, and instead, you are offering them a fresh copy that is not found on another website. If you cannot do it yourself regardless of your reasons, you can just hire a copywriter to get the content generation job done. The better your content is, the more your customers will regard you as a reputable site and increases your chances of benefitting from word of mouth.

  1. No time to review performance

When your first started your business, it is most likely that one of the first things that crossed your mind is the term marketing strategy. You probably even found a team already to implement it. All is good until you fail to review its performance. You must not wait for red flags signaling that your campaigns are failing, but rather, you have to start analyzing what is working and what is not way ahead of time. Testing is one of the main keys to success in digital marketing. So, make sure that you allocate a couple of hours every month to look at how your digital marketing campaigns are performing. Lastly, take some time to fully comprehend the highs and lows of your marketing.

  1. Campaigns are not tailored

Are you baffled why your campaign is not working when you have already invested into PPC, social media ads, Google AdWords, or display advertising? If so, then have you looked into your bidding? Paid advertising is effective in boosting your sales especially if you spend time segmenting your audience and even more so if you create an audience persona to get to know them better. Attributes like age, location, preferred websites, Facebook likes, and such, are all considered opportunities if you can reach the right users and bid accordingly. Also, if you know your audience, then it will greatly help you in determining which keywords best to bid on.

  1. Mobile is out of the equation

Apparently, mobile had already surpassed desktop when it comes to the number of searches ever since 2015. Aside from creating your site and digital marketing campaigns, you must also invest in tailored digital ads displayed on mobile. In other words, you have to position your brand exactly where your customers, which includes looking into social media ads, mobile SEO and ads thru apps, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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